Bing Crosby Christmas specials (CBS Television)

Bing's Christmas shows first began on the radio with his hosting of the Kraft Music Hall and the Philco Radio Time amongst all of the radio shows he hosted over the years.

From 1962 through to his death in October of 1977, Bing hosted his annual Christmas show on CBS. The first featured Andre' Previn and Mary Martin, the star of the broadway production of Peter Pan (and who was also the mother of Larry Hagman who would go on to star with Bing's daughter Mary Francis in Dallas). Later, the specials featured his second wife, Kathryn and their three children Harry, Mary Francis, and Nathaniel. The shows were a big hit every year and always showcased a cross-section of show business talent.

In October of 1977, Bing filmed what would be his final Christmas show entitled Bing's Merrie Olde Christmas. It featured the talents of Twiggy and, to show Bing's appreciation for all musical talents, David Bowie. Shortly after filming ended, Bing flew to Spain to hunt and do a little golfing. Bing suffered a heart attack on the course just after he and his partner defeated another duo at 18 holes. He died on October 14, 1977 at the age of 74. Here is what has now become a perennial favorite perfomance featuring Der Bingle and David Bowie singing The Little Drummer Boy (Peace on Earth).



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