Well, things have wound down here at the old lodge.  We hope everyone had a very, merry Christmas and that you have a blessed new year.  We will most definitely see you all in 2012.

So, until then, Merry Christmas! 

Starring Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh,

Holiday Affair is a romantic comedy about a veteran drifter who is employed as a clerk by a New York dept. store who falls for a war widow and her son, Timmy.

Distributed by RKO pictures.

Starring Barbara Stanwyck and Sydney Greenstreet, this farcical comedy tells the story of one Elizabeth Lane, a writer for Housekeeping magazine who writes about her homestyle life as a cook, expert mother and wife.  The only problem is, she is neither.  The situation is further complicated when the unsuspecting editor of the magazine concocts a scheme to have a Naval hero from the war spend a real, old-fashioned Christmas at the Lane farm in Connecticut with her husband and children.

Stuck in this predicament, Elizabeth spends the movie trying to juggle lie after lie to keep from being exposed and fired, while in the meantime, falling for the Naval hero.

This film was made by Warner Brothers and was released in August of 1945.

Here is the movie in it's entirey (while it lasts, Lol)