Featuring the voice talents of Hal Smith and Jean Van Der Pyl (who was the voice of Wilma Flinstone) and written and directed by Tony Benedict, this production from Modern Sound Film tells the story of a park ranger who shares the story of Christmas with two bear cubs who are determined to stay awake so they can see Santa Claus.

This is a pretty good little film, so here it is

Directed by Henry Edwards, this 1935 British film is the first sound adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

Starring Seymour Hicks as the miserly Ebeneezer Scrooge, this film differs from all other adaptations in that none of the ghosts of Christmas are ever shown - save The Ghost of Christmas Present.  Marley is only shown super-imposed on a door knocker.

The achievement of special effects was not yet advanced enough to offer film makers a way to believably show the spirits.

Seymour Hicks was a veteran actor who had played Scrooge on stage many times beginning in 1901 and had played him in a 1913 silent film.

Here is the film in its' entirety.

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